Fashion & Art

Fashion cannot exist without art; fashion is in fact a form of art. For this year’s SS12 collections, designers such as Mary Katrantzou, Dries Van Noten and others, got inspired by artists, photographers, sculpturers and even lovers and friends of those artists.

Dries Van Noten & James Reeve

Photographer James Reeve and his lightscapes was the inspiration for Van Noten’s second half of the collection, showing hyper fashion silhouettes with blinking lights in the shirts, coats and even full skirts.


Jil Sander & Pablo Picasso

A tribute paid to Picasso’s second wife, Jacqueline Roque (married in 1961) and the portraits the artist has created with her as a muse inspired Raf Simon for this collection, with cold colored palette, sweaters.


Mary Katrantzou & John Chamberlain

Her prints, famous for their uniqueness, this season she used John Chamberlain’s crashed car sculptures and  Tambourinefrappe (2010) with her usual bright and vivid colors. The distorted aesthetic of Chamberlain’s sculpture matched perfectly with Katrantzou’s innovation.



Celine &Thomas Poulsen

The art piece “Southern Cross” (2008) of Thomas Poulsen’s is Celine’s inspiration board for the outfit below

Emilio De La Marena & Michael Lucero

For Emilio De La Marena creations, the ceramic sculpture of Michael Lucero  «Dog Lady », 2008 was transformed into dresses, in black and white canvas.


Rodarte & Vincent Van Gogh

The Starry night, 1989 was used at Rodante’s S/S ’12 as a very interesting pattern for the dresses.

Roland Mouret & Muses

Mouret’s inspiration came from lovers and friends of Matisse, Cocteau and Picasso- who inspired these artists and how they were dressed.

Christianna Belba

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