LV: The diary

Last day of Cannes festival and Louis Vuitton recruited Purple’s Editor-In-Chief Olivier Zahm to film his last day in Paris fashion week, in order to promote their online magazine “New, Now”.

Olivier is “the bad boy”, Alice Aufray ” the pretty girl” and Olympia Le-Tan “the pin up”. The film, which parodies the trailer of Jean-Luc Godard’s 1963 film “Le Mépris”, starts with the Louis Vuitton’s show in the morning, and closes with the launch of the Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs exhibition that same night. Unlike the Godard original, which was colourfull and all around Italy, the Vuitton version is black-and-white and takes place in Paris. So, are you ready for this crazy ride? Welcome on board!

Watch the trailer of Le Mépris:

Elena Psalti

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