Anxiety, desperation and so many negative feelings are seem to be appropriate enough to describe the previous week. Thank God, being obsessed with so many things at the same time is relieving somehow. I want to feed my obsessive “monster” desperately. So, here we go…

Joey doesn’t share food. Neither does Evmorfia, let alone ice cream.

Just in case our spoons get confused, I would like to know, which is my ice cream. A little bit poetic, don’t you think? For incurable lovers or best friends forever only.

Except for the color, I chose this photo mainly because of its surrealistic approach. I can feel my left eye searing. Oh no, I just remembered I have brown eyes.

Simple buns forever. Imagine me in a total white look with a minimal bun like this, dancing under the moon light. Ok, I got way too excited. Forgive me: I had never imagined that such a simple hair style could have that huge impact on me. Whatsoever.

Last but definitely not least, may never forget this Celine flap bag, until I have it laid on my hands. Its geometrical form, the white color, the gold details, its underlying loose effect (personally speaking) oh please, be mine. I’m a Celine girl totally, not to mention that some bags are meant to be hold by a certain kind of girls. If you know what I mean…

However, if you don’t know, this Celine flap bag is screaming EVMORFIAAAA!

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