Palm Trees, frozen beverages under the hot sun rays, matching couples and countless amusement inspired by renowned music artists and Djs. Does any of those ring a bell? This time of the year has come again, and while The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is all about moving to the rhythm, it has become quite the Style inspiration source since the past few years. Just a glimpse through your storyline on Instagram and it’s like actually being there.

Text: Panos Zacharakis

From Gypsy and Boho to school girls and Rock n rollers, Coachella seems to be an infinite catwalk, or just the perfect photography spot? Multiple photographers roaming around, capturing moments with their posing muses, or just their partners. Jean is absolutely a must for Coachella. Either It’s short jeans, high-waisted jeans or just a denim, it’s a cloth that provides comfort and many combination choices. Another feature that you’ve surely seen could be see-through pieces like caftans, shirts and maxi dresses. What’s more, girls tend to play much with their accessories. Enormous hats, lots of jewelry and lovely backpacks to carry what’s necessary within.

Men on the other side, tend to keep things rather simple. Longline and printed T-shirts, skinny jeans or short jeans, a joker hat and a pair of sunglasses will just do. Obviously there are the fashionistas that get distinguished for their impeccable ways of making simplicity fashionable. Coachella is also known attracting famous artists, like Selena Gomez, Rihanna and Alessandra Ambrosio, who launch of course their own flawless street style during the festival.

Some of us wish music was an integral part in our lives and some have made it one. Whatever the case, “where words fail, music speaks” said Hans C. Andersen once. And while he has lived on a different century, his words have been proven timelessly right. Coachella is not only famous for its unique experience but for connecting people all over the world.