Located downtown Athens, ‘’To Treno sto Rouf’’ is a railway carriage theatre 100 years aged. Its 5 wagons were renovated and properly designed in order to host theatrical and musical performances, art events, as well as a restaurant and a bar.

By Marilena Kalli

Each wagon has a different style, trying to simulate different eras and types of trains. Some of them also offer the impression of motion of travelling along the railway lines. Apart from the wagons, there is also an outdoor platform during the summer, hosting a bar, art exhibitions, video screenings and live musical performances. The train is open for arranging any type of events at its very unique and bizarre spaces.

Bar Wagon

Combining something old with something new, giving the feeling of travelling through time, this innovative space is a must-see spot in the center of Athens. Multiple types of events can be hosted, while its wagons offer spectacular photographic scenes for professional purposes such as fashion editorials. Living in an ancient city with so many beautiful unexploited old buildings and spaces, this idea may work as a food for thought for architects and designers, in order to give life and meaning to the city’s history and beauties.

Music Wagon

Restaurant Wagon

Theatre Wagon

Apovathra Open Air Bar

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