It might be 2017, but Seoul Fashion Week’s street style stars are taking major cues from the ’90s. Call it nostalgia for a bygone era or a sartorial nod to Seoul’s underground scene, either way the grunge look we know and love is back in full force.

Text: Elena Christou

This Fashion Week, the 90’s trend of choice is plaid a must have for Fall 2017 worn in a myriad of ways and unassuming combinations.

From the most stylish toddlers on the planet to male models wearing blush, Seoul Fashion Week is wall-to-wall memorable moments. Seoul is home to its own ecosystem of it boys and girls, front row stars and street style icons.

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Aside from the standard red colorway, there are other brightly hued iterations, such as blues, yellows and greens, as well as black, of course, for the edgier folk.

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Also, at Seoul Fashion Week, street style stars took inspiration from East London in the ’70s, donning, multiple piercings, belted fabric chokers, heavy chains and harnesses. Some pair punk accessories with demure white button downs and camel coats, while others stay true to form with edgy black bombers or heavy leather jackets, because in Seoul, everyone has their own personal twist on the sartorial norm.


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