The installation that served as a backdrop for Raf Simons’ debut Calvin Klein show has been made permanent. The brand’s announced that it’s teamed up with American artist Sterling Ruby to create two large scale, mixed media artworks in New York City. One is in the show space on the ground floor of Calvin Klein’s headquarters, and the other is on the twelfth floor of a new presentation area in the same building. Whereas the installation downstairs features bare walls and hanging mobiles of textiles and found objects, the upstairs one adorns the walls in a static-esque patterned pink wallpaper.

Raf said he chose to collaborate with Sterling because “he is always surprising, always exhilarating, and always moving forward—and yet he is always, ultimately, himself.” Ruby was equally complimentary, saying he was conscious of the impact that the installation would have; “When Raf invited me to work on these projects for Calvin Klein, he gave me the freedom to create work that was essentially my own. But of course, I also thought about what the company meant and stood for. I thought about America.”

These rooms will be the first in a series of collaborations. According to a statement from the brand, another work by Sterling will be revealed later this year. Raf’s new partnership with Ruby is indicative of his affinity for the art world, most recently captured in his first ad campaign for Calvin, which featured models posed in front of contemporary works in various museums around America.

So far Raf’s work for Calvin Klein has been nothing short of sublime, so we’re excited to see what he and Ruby have in the works for the future.

Photographs: Calvin Klein
Words: Paul Pastore