10 weeks, 10 topics, 1 love: fashion

From the 18th of February till the previous Saturday, 26th of May, masters, experts and fashion lovers shared their knowledge, vision and experience at FashionTalks. It is not easy to keep your audience captured every Saturday for 10 weeks. Ok, Fresh pastries and Lipton teas kept good company but most of all it was the essence of fashion industry, the quintessence of style analyzed, interpreted and briefed to all attendants that kept all of us alert.

People from all over Greece were there, every Saturday to learn, ask, question, debate, participate. It is encouraging that in the middle of the biggest crisis that has ever occured globally, fashion was in the spotlight, not as a red carpet eccentricity but as a means of self expression, as a consequence or a cause of a social pheonomenon.

Beatniks, hipsters, suffragettes, workers, skinheads, rappers are just some examples of social teams that affected society, economy, garment industry, art. Nikos Perakis, Yiorgos Eleftheriades, Vassilis Zoulias, Vangelis Kyris, Maria Kallimasia, Agapi Tsakpinoglou, Elis Kiss, Stella Rapti, Michael Pandos, Takis Tsantilis, Achilleas Haritos, Kostas Avgoulis, Mara Desypris, Katerina Psoma, Costas Voyatzis (Yatzer), Bill Georgoussis were some of the more than 50 guests at “FashionTalks”. Rerpresentatives of big companies, advertising and beauty sector were there too.

Last “FashionTalks” was dedicated to fashion and music. Nikko Patrelakis, Pantelis Goudis and Apostolos Mitropoulos talked about fashion icons who derived from music industry. From Elvis to Madonna, Morrissey and Siouxsie, guests discussed the style, the impact and the trends.

At the last part, Pantelis Goudis was kind enough to bring a copy of “Carnaby str” documentary. Here’s the trailer:

We would like to thank you all. These 10 sessions were pretty amazing.
See you next year!

Special thanks to Mia Kollia, Nicholas Georghiou and Dada Ioannidou.
Fresh Party shops and Lipton Tea were the noble sponsors!