Text: Panos Zacharakis

When the flowers start to bloom and the sun starts to dimly knocking on our door, this could signify only one thing. Fashion month is about to end. With Paris’s ready-to-wear week going on and Milan’s fashion week being over, before letting the “City of light” draw our attention, we couldn’t help it but notice the Highlights on the previous one. Among the flawless street style that models and fashion influencers are constantly launching, there was the glorious statement that most emblematic houses make with their glamorous fashion shows and parties.

But my eyes were caught by a perceptible superiority, which was dominant in the atmosphere. Best known for its leather goods, the High Fashion Brand, Bottega Veneta, seems to speak fluently Luxurious Fashion. The collection indicated a bit the Forties, in a classy but yet dynamic style.

There was a combination of different features. Mildly puffed shoulders interwoven with wasp waists and wide trousers reminding jodhpurs coming out from horse riding lords in the 40s. Much leather alongside fur were used so the collection seemed worthy of the Brand’s name. On the inside, cashmere and silk were preferred and used on the capes and most of the gowns. The colors were mostly cold, suitable for autumn of course, with some bland insertions of gold, different tones of yellow and mustard in order to highlight the dark spots of the show. The show couldn’t be more suitably arranged, with much nominees searching for their Oscar appearances.