The Louis Vuitton x Supreme Collaboration

Text: Dafni Hatzimihali

On January 19,the rumors of a collaboration between the french label Louis Vuitton and a New York skatelabel Supreme confirmed. The catwalk which recently took place at Fashion Paris week 2017, proved a success and wrote history. They worked together under the same brand with a collection that includes co -branded clothes,leather handbags,shoes,jackets and a lot of accessories such as hats,scarves,sneakers and monogramed scateboards!The   Two brands that have the most identifiable iconic logos in fashion, as well as such diverse customers, collaborated and managed to satisfy both sides on the same products.

The easy going, street stream of Supreme, combined with the luxurious Louis Vuitton established brand, which is a brilliant idea from a retail and marketing point of view. Mainstream today is whatever is underground. That is Supreme. Combined with luxurious classy high fashion Louis Vuitton, makes a massive global phonomenon. It is a project far in advance. This is huge for streetwear as it becomes more interwined with high-end fashion.

Moreover, the product assortment, the scale and number of pieces are suprisingly well-crafted and considered.  This collaboration gives something new and fresh to their existing customers and attracts a whole new world of customers that traditionaly wouldn’t buy from either brand.  A trully brilliant combination.

Louis Vuitton, once sued Supreme for lifting its precious logo, is now embracing it with open arms, showing just how far the industry has come to accept the market’s coexistence of streetwear and high fashion.  Anyway 17 year passed since then.  The attitude has gone from “getting over” to “working with,” and Supreme can do that now as a ubiquitous brand. Everyone is mixing high and low now so it’s not shocking nor ironic. But it is brave and extremely intuitive for someone like Mr. Kim Jones to make this happen and bring this energy to the epitome of luxury: Louis Vuitton!

Fashion change.  People change. Times change. It’s great to see people doing projects other than the obvious.  Now competitors, have to cope with a milestone.