Blind Adam( Thanos Kyriakides), the hope for the future of Art in Greece (And not only)

Using black wool yarn Blind Adam creates a hand knotted universe of thread. A method that begun mechanically in 2007, has now evolved into a coherent art practice, which incorporates wall based works, sculptures and installations.

Blind Adam has retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic condition that constricts the visual field resulting in visual impairment. His works track the process of articulating a personal language, the crystallization of thought, like a primitive manuscript, each black knot represents a letter or a word in an abstract flow of sentences.

” Kyriakides is a gifted spy investigating the properties of perception, his compositions evocative mediums that elicit subjective narratives like Rorschach tests. Both monumental and intimate, his immersive installations demonstrate the deceptiveness of physical form and the fallibility of vision in a strange and wondrous universe comprised of vibrating objects, variously solid and nonexistent, held together tenuously by invisible forces. Blindness makes the world fragmented – a sudden blow to the head out of nowhere reveals only the existence of the branch, hanging in isolation, and nothing of the whole tree – but it is perhaps not so different from the way any given sighted person experiences reality. How we see the world around us, through the interplay of our limited senses, is indeed a hallucinatory projection of our own minds. As such, you could say that every version of reality is true. One thing is certain: Kyriakides’ objects are visions of beauty, no matter how you look at them.” -Cathryn Drake


It is a great honor for us to have Thanos Kyriakides in Fashion Workshop! Welcome!