Are you into fashion? Get into vogue fashion festival..


Text: Myrto Xoudi

On November 4 and 5, the vogue fashion festival, in partnership with Swarovsky and the support of Place Vendome Qatar in Paris, took place at hotel Potocki and it included  much more than a “fashioncholic” could ever wish for.  Most of the fashion industry’s crème de la crème , as well as fashion journalists and business leaders, attended the event, in order to discuss the economic evolution, strategic and imaginative challenges of the industry.


Olivier Saillard and Axelle Doue introducing the historic legends of the fashion world

Fashion culture: mutual inspiration, fashion journalism in vogue Paris, the effects of instagram in fashion, fashion manipulation using the perks of technology, new aspects of e-commerce and how to start from scratch a luxury brand were some of the festival’s crucial matters.


Emmanuel Alt, Olivier Lalanne and Suzanne Koller on fashion journalism


Eva Chen and Camille Charriere on instagram influence in fashion

Catherine Gorge on fashion tech via 3d printings