Kylie Jenner is here to stay in the beauty area. In November 2015 she published her own line of lipsticks, called “lip kit”. These products were made blown away in just minutes.  In time, she will open her first store, which will spread throughout the world. She now has a complete line of cosmetics with the name “Kylie cosmetics“.

Text: Aris Tzimas

 Edited by Iria Katritsi

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Kylie wants to shake up in the fashion area. Although it’s not the first time that she deals with fashion, since Kylie and her sister Kendall created the new serie of cloths and shoes “Kendall & Kylie”. The underwear with her signing is reality. Soon will be open up her own online shop and we will learn details about the long-awaited venture in the field of fashion. It’s certain that the underwear will bring out the sexy side of a woman, who loves her self and fell comfortable with her body. The underwear were presented in Kylie’s instagram profile through the eyes of photographer Sashasa Msonova.

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