Q&A: Dimitris Skarmoutsos

Stylish, talented and tasteful: Dimitris Skarmoutsos stands for his beliefs

I feel happy every single day.
Earlier in my life, I came up with grave difficulties and I’ve learned to appreciate everything that has happened to me. I’m grateful for both having an amazing child and for loving cooking, even after 22 years.

I have nothing to repend of.
If I could turn back time, I would make the same choices. I don’t even regret the “unsettled” way of life that I lived since the age of seventeen. I have learned to face difficult situations with great composure.

“You don’t choose cooking, cooking chooses you. It’s not a talent”

I set no limits to myself and I don’t like going into molds.
I’ll do whatever I have in my mind, at any cost. Compared to the past, I now filter some things. If I didn’t do this I would be rediculous. And I don’t want to be that kind of person.

I don’t care if Greece will cease to exist.
I left when the country was poor and pure. People had values ​​and ideals. Before returning to Greece to settle permanently, I hadn’t visit the country for thirteen years. Why would I like this country? For its sun, its sea and its mountains? I can find these anywhere in the world.

We created the economic crisis. From the deprivations of past.
Originally Greece was a poor country and Greeks as had never travelled the world, gaining knowledge. When we started realizing what is happening globally, we copied without creating the proper environment, the proper conditions. It’s sad because Greeks have actually greater education than others. The problem is in our mentality.

You don’t choose cooking, cooking chooses you. It’s not a talent.
It picked me randomly at the age of 17.  If you want to learn, eventually you do. You have to be mature, obedient, patient and calm. I cannot guarantee that you will cope with everything it stands and asks for. Cooking might lead to forget your personal life, precious moments, holidays and weekends. You might be asked to ignore your family, your lover, your friends..

A cooking TV-show deprives food of both its taste and smell.
We presented a glorified image of cooking and people thought that professional cooking is very easy and simple. What you have seen at the TV-show is only the 10% of the case – the remaining 90% is very difficult, dirty and extremely painful.

I believe that women are the best chefs.
They are more creative and patient than men and they cook with love. Creativity, patience and love are three key elements in professional cooking.

Dimitris Skarmoutsos is executivechef at Alatsi

Adriana Paraskevopoulou