World’s Tallest Tower , by Santiago Calatrava at Dubai Creek Harbour

Text: Marilena Kalli                                              Edit: Iria Katritsi

Designed to break records and bring a wind of change to Dubai’s existing building spaces, ”The Tower” by Santiago Calatrava is scheduled to be completed by 2020. The landmark observation tower by its completion will be taller than Dubai’s own Burj Khalifa, making it the world’s tallest building.


The tower contains three public observation decks, a café, numerous event spaces and dynamic balconies that will rotate out from the facade of the tower. It will also be topped by ”The Pinnacle Room”, an observation space featuring 360-degree views of the city and several VIP Observation Garden Decks. Furthermore, Central Plaza, the tower’s ground level, is envisioned to be a new landmark public space. It is ought to be the hub of a neighborhood master plan containing world-class retail, a museum, educational facilities and an indoor auditorium.


As for the design, slender forms will make it recognizable during the day, while dynamic illumination and movement lighting will make a spectacular view during the night. It will be featured with a highly-efficient cooling system and a water collection system that will be utilized to clean the building’s facade. Vegetation and an integrated shading system along the tower will be used for solar protection.


“The design and architectural features of The Tower demand unique engineering approaches that are currently being implemented on site. Extensive studies were undertaken in preparation for the groundbreaking, and the learning that we have gained from the experience will add to the knowledge base of mankind,” said Santiago Calatrava.