For all tea lovers out there, this is a perfect stop for ‘Anassa experience, a herbal flavored unhurried cup of tea from the “queen” in ancient Greek. Today, thanks to archaeological research we know that all of those medicinal herbs described by physicians and philosophers are more than a myth. There is a huge range of constantly evolving scientific research on the benefits of Greek herbs.

Text: Marianna Stefou

The Vision

Yanna Mattheou & Aphrodite Florou had both successful careers as marketing executives in the financial sector and they decided to start a firm on their own with the sensation of Greece. Their idea was to select the finest Greek aromatic herbs of organic farming from farmers with traditional planting practices. Their belief that the fertile soil of Greece and its unique climate, provides with rich varieties of flavors and aromas such as Greek aromatic herbs. Their research was time consuming and after considering the results of scientific research, they selected 15 of the finest herbs. The approach to this idea was made because of their interest for aromatic herbs, awareness of contemporary lifestyles which demand a fast and easy preparation and the need to attract customers who are not acquainted with the traditional way of preparing aromatic beverages, giving them the opportunity to enjoy a cup of herbs anywhere.


Packaging Greek Nature

So let me start at the very beginning, because thats probably the best way to ground you in why some of the design decisions are very important to succeed in marketing. Everyone has this old fashioned jar of local herbs in their home kitchen and here comes ‘Anassa offering you a different experience in packaging Greek herbs without being folklore. Tea can be different things to different people and with a little effort, creativity and innovation has to be visualized in packaging concept. ‘Anassa has created a range of 8 high quality packed whole leaf herbs that are both irresistible and organic friendly. The packaging designed by MNP Design has opted for a minimalistic design, picturing mythological creatures steeped in ancient Greek culture, with names giving you extraordinary stories, reflecting the unique character of each herb blend. Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep, on the “Pure Peace” blend of chamomile, lavender, tisane and lemon balm. Also the brand name ‘Anassa gives the ability to non­Greek speakers to read it correctly, stressing the first letter ‘A. Each metal box has aromatic herbs but also unique individual filters with wooden sticks which allow water to flow through so the tea leaves can release all of their natural aromas. There is a total interaction with the herbs and the customer become part of the production process by selecting the leaves that each person wants to drink in his tea. In this way ‘Anassa Organics brought together tradition and a contemporary way of serving.


Pure Success

Their vision wasn’t just fulfiled but rewarded many times for the quality, the taste and the business idea. For a new firm trying to get established, given the added insecurity that the current crisis generates, winning the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award 2014 gave them the courage to continue the challenging path they have chosen. In 2014 more than four Anassa products were honored with the GREAT TASTE AWARD in London and the golden award with MNP design for their innovational packaging in European Design Awards 2014. The last two years ‘Anassa with the funding that came along with the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award has its own production unit and entry into additional markets abroad as it’s planning to expand. ‘Anassa brought back to us modernized Greek herbs without losing all of the aroma and the quality that Greek land stands for.”



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