In the new summer/spring 2016 campaign Topshop and Karlie Kloss want us to be inspired to “Be More Karlie In 2016”. After eight years since her first Topshop campaign Karlie Kloss comes back and in a behind the scenes video says that “It’s wonderful and quite sentimental. It’s sort of come full circle so it’s really nice.”

Text: Paoula Alevra

Karlie Kloss is 23 years old and she has achieved already many things in her life. She is a supermodel, entrepreneur, vlogger and coder. In her interview for Topshop by Holly Swayne she gives us 10 tips – ways to be more Karlie.


Karlie Kloss, Photo: www.fashiongonerouge.com


Karlie Kloss for Glamour Magazine, Photo: glamour.com

Be smart. – “I started thinking, how does my phone work? Coding is the language of the future.” Be Empowered. – “I’m so inspired by the powerful women that I get to interact with.” Be entrepreneurial. –  “I started Kode With Karlie to empower other young women like myself, to encourage them to recognise that it can be something they can find interesting and that it can get them ahead in their career.” Be active. – “I used to hate running. To get over that I started training for a half marathon! ” Be motivated. – “I have to motivate myself to train, especially when it’s miserable in January.” Be ambitious. – “If you want to be successful, just dive in.” Be healthy. – “If you use ingredients that are in season, you don’t even have to do much cooking.” Be grounded. – “I’m so close to my three sisters.” Be Topshop. – I was young and shy and super nervous to be on set of Topshop. Luckily I was shooting with Jourdan Dunn and we became overnight best friends.” Be Stylish.

Kloss models the collection in a series of images shot on location in New York by Tyrone Lebon and styled by the brand’s creative director, Kate Phelan. Phelan called Kloss “the ultimate Topshop girl and modern super — a world- renowned fashion figure, businesswoman, entrepreneur and philanthropist who will resonate with our global customers through her many talents, ambitions and passions.” Let’s see some photos from the campaign!




Karlie Kloss in Topshop's Spring 2016 Campaign


FWBVK_httpwwd.comfashion-newsfashion-scoopskarlie-kloss-topshop-campaign-ss16-10303978_3 Karlie Kloss in Topshop's Spring 2016 Campaign Karlie Kloss in Topshop's Spring 2016 Campaign

Photos: courtesy of Topshop