Friday 29th January, 9pm EST on Beats Billboard in Times Square, Broadway 1535, New York City

Text: Matina Mouresioti

Fashion Stylist and Director of W magazine, Edward Enninful, celebrates his 25 year career not with a nostalgic reminiscence of his fashionable past, rather an eccentric short film titled ‘’The seven deadly sins by Edward Enninful’’. ’’ I didn’t want anything that was looking back at my career. I wanted to do something that was very new and very forward-looking.’’ he said on WWD.fwbvk_Naomi Campbell in black representing pride_Nick Knight

Naomi Campbell in black representing pride, Photo: Nick Knight

Seven sins, seven soundtracks and eight super-models posing in seven different colours. The film features Kate Moss representing lust in red, Naomi Campbell depicting pride in black, Karlie Kloss as greed in gold, Lara Stone and Anna Ewers portraying gluttony in pink, Maria Carla Boscono as sloth in blue, Karen Elson embodying wrath in yellow and Jourdan Dunn personifying envy in green.


”Seven deadly sins by Edward Enninful” on Beats billboard in Times square, New York,

The Fashion Director collaborated with Beats by Dre and photographer Nick Knight in order to produce the 11-minute film which was screened on January 29th on the largest billboard in the world, the Beats by Dre billboard in Times Square. A limited edition line of headphones, designed to match each of the seven sins, was offered to Edward’s guests, all gathered in a private lounge for the screening.


Stefano Tonchi, Omar Johnson, Edward Enninful and Maria Carla Boscono viewing the film’s premiere, Photo:

Edward Enninful started working as a model for i-D magazine at the age of 16 and three years later he finds himself in the position of running the magazine’s fashion department. Among his achievements lies his role as contributing director in both Vogue USA and Vogue Italia. He is also considered to be one of fashion’s great narrative storytellers by claiming that: ‘I can’t just go in and throw clothes at a picture. I still have to have some kind of an idea of a character, of who she is, where she’s from. It’s almost like playing a child’s game. You have your dolls and you create characters for them. Fashion indulged that in me.’

fwbvk_Edward Enninful, Fashion and Style director of W

Edward Enninful, Fashion and Style director of W magazine, Photo:

According to him, choosing the models was the hardest task and needed the help of the film’s director Nick Knight to proceed with it. ‘’Seven deadly sins’’ would not have been complete without the presence of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, his longtime friends and companions.

British Fashion Awards - Winners Boards

Edward Enninful and Naomi Campbell,

‘’The film is a celebration not only of Edward’s illustrious career but of the interplay between fashion and music’’, the elements that bring ‘’seven deadly sins’’ to life. While Beats is setting the tone, the Style Director is dressing his favourite models with new custom pieces produced by prominent designers including, Yohji Yamamoto, Alexander McQueen, Céline, Prada, Maison Margiela Couture by John Galliano, Givenchy and Vetements among others.

fwbvk_Lara Stone and Anna Ewers in pink representing gluttony_Nick Knight

Lara Stone and Anna Ewers in pink representing gluttony, Photo: Nick Knight

*The film will be available on February 13th.Until then, content yourselves with a sneak peek.

fwbvk_Lara Stone and Anna Ewers as gluttony_Nick Knight

Lara Stone and Anna Ewers in pink representing gluttony, Photo: Nick Knight

fwbvk_Karlie Kloss as greed_Nick Knight

Karlie Kloss as greed, Photo: Nick Knight

fwbvk_Kate Moss as lust_Nick Knight

Kate Moss as lust, Photo: Nick Knight

fwbvk_Naomi Campbell as pride_Nick Knight

Naomi Campbell in black representing pride, Photo:Nick Knight

fwbvk_Karen Elson as wrath_ Nick Knight

Karen Elson as wrath, Photo: Nick Knight

fwbvk_Jourdan Dunn as envy_Nick Knight

Jourdan Dunn as envy, Photo: Nick Knight