“What is the difference between the 3 media, between the eye, the mirror and the screen? Whatever looks amazing in the screen doesn’t feel good in the body… Do we have to do collections that looks good in the screen or that looks good in the body?” Alber Elbaz said.

Text: Nika Ioannidou

I think that his F/W2015 collection is one of the kinds either to the body or to the screen. I see his collection and I feel the royalty, the timeless quality and eclecticism in his clothes. I think that it is separated in social classes. First, we mostly see suits with boots and belts by ropes. We see dresses with minimal lines and colors with the same belts and boots. It’s no coincidence that he didn’t use sandal heels, for example, because this would change all the philosophy.

fashion workshop lanvin 2Lanvin F/W 2015, Photo: courtesy of Lanvin

All this style reminds me some Protestants, courtiers by the “working class” somewhere in Queen’s yard maybe somewhere in England during the 16th century.

fashion workshop lanvin 6

Lanvin F/W 2015, Photo: courtesy of Lanvin

And then, the style started to change and became multicultural with heavy fabrics and elegant accessories but in the same mindset and philosophy with leather boots or ankle and gold details in the bags. Some people said it’s like boho style maybe they right, but maybe all this extravagance with furs and velvet fabrics is like to see high – middle society or wealthy ladies from another century, who live today at 2015.

fashion workshop lanvin 3Lanvin F/W 2015, Photo: courtesy of Lanvin

The place he choose to showcase his collection at Paris’ Palais Galliera and also the color palette helps him to stop the time and made the collection timeless. I think this is the word that describes LANVIN 2015.

fashion workshop lanvin 7

fashion workshop lanvin 5

fashion workshop lanvin 8

fashion workshop lanvin 4

Lanvin F/W 2015, Photos: courtesy of Lanvin