I won’t forget the days when drinking coffee with my mom the conversation is
going on young fashion trends she followed. The 70’s and early 80’s was the
years she was really into the fashion. Ouh, I need a coffee, I have great news
and it’s about the new Gucci era.

Text: Paoula Alevra

As of January 2015, the creative director is the 42 year old Alessandro Michele.On the 12th of December 2014, Kering Group SA announced that Frida Giannini and her partner – Gucci CEO Patrizio di Marco will be leaving the company. Giannini plans to see the fall/winter collection through to the Milan Fashion Week and departed in early 2015.

fwbvk_gucci4Gucci campaign F/W 2015

Michele studied at Accademia di Costume e di Moda in Rome and joined the Gucci design studio in 2002 following a stint as senior accessories designer at the house of Fendi. He was appointed “associate” to Frida Giannini in 2011, and last year took on the additional responsibility of creative director of GRG Richard Ginori, the porcelain brand acquired by Gucci in June 2013.

fwbvk_alessandromicheleAlessandro Michele, Photo: Stéphane Feugère

The new CEO Marco Bizzarri (since the 1st of January 2015) referring to Michele’s abilities and calling him “exactly the right person” for Gucci’s creative helm, show us that he has confidence to Michele and give him great support for his next steps. Gucci owner Kering reported that revenue increased since 2014, the period that things hadn’t gone so well.fwbvk_madonna

On stage in Montreal for her debut Rebel Heart Tour in September, Madonna and her dancers wore Gucci costumes and and accessories designed be Alessandro Michele, Photo: Kevin Mazur

The thing for me (and not only!) is that both menswear and womenswear collection became one. Clothes, shoes, floral suits and printed chiffons have forgotten the fact of sex. From leather horse-bit loafers with tufts of fur and pumps to belts and jewelry we see except from the 70’s style also the vintage part of Michele’s character. His androgynous and mixed genre style is part not only of his first F/W 2015 collection but in S/S 2016 also. The old – school is transforming into youthful and playful style. That’s interesting!


Gucci Rings-Men’s S/S 2016

Alessandro Michele has said that he wants to make Gucci more contemporary, more romantic, and more democratic, and proudly boasted that there’s nothing of the house’s archives in the fall 2015 collection (accept for one GG logoed bag on a small gold chain). What’s the meaning of that? Are we able to forget the luxury label of Gucci with the chic clothes and the glamour taste? Is the world ready for that? Are we?

Bizzarri said: “I like the fact that Alessandro came out from nowhere. He’s been here forever and is emotional about the company. He’s super-respected by everybody here. They recognize him as a leader and someone who can drive them to the next steps.” And continuing said that “He has a willingness to take risks.” “Gucci is very much about that. The brand needs to take risks the industry needs to take risks. We need to move. Otherwise, it’s boring if everyone looks the same. I’m pretty sure that the new Gucci will be starring in fashion news and magazine covers for the next months. Unfortunately, there are not only people supporting the new creative director, Alessandro Michele, but also is the other side who believe that forget the past of Gucci won’t be easy!

In September cover of ELLE Magazine UK, Kristen Stewart wears a combination of deep-purple frilly blouse and raspberry trousers from A/W 2015 collection. Also, Jessica Stam for the Edit Magazine wore the same combination. It’s a must combination!


Michele took his individual style and his own way of seeing the world and put it into his collections. The fact is that he wants us to see who he is and how the future will be, with him! Something is changing we aren’t sure what it is exactly but the new Gucci is here and we will be waiting for the next collection of Alessandro Michele.

Coffee anyone…?