Since the establishment of Fashion Workshop for the first time a graduate student represented the faculty to the biggest feast of fashion, the Fashion Week! This is Christina-Maria Kravvari, one of the graduates of the Advanced Fashion Management class and recent Editor-in-Chief at

Text: Christina-Maria Kravvari

With much enthusiasm my fashion journey begun at September 18th and my heart was beating as fast as at the first day at school! Headed from early morning that day to London Fashion Week’s new home at Brewer Street Car Park in the heart of Soho, my first stop was at Designer Showrooms where was revealed to me some of the most exciting emerging fashion talents and established designers alike to a global audience.


Brewer Street Car Park, Soho

While I was walking through the beautiful and flexible corridors of the fully transformed car park I had the opportunity to admire fine aesthetics from cartoonish surrealism through gender-bending minimalism and sculptural globalization.


Designer Showrooms

During my browsing around the space I saw the stand of theGreek-rooted and super-talented designer Nafsika Skourti where we had a quick yet yet very interesting chit-chat! Her clothes immediately struck a chord with me. Her collection managed to combine masculinity and femininity in such a perfect modern sense while she makes use of custom-developed fabrics and techniques, as well as unique prints with imaginative twists.



Nafsika Skourti & me wearing jackets from her SS16 collection

During my exploration in those first day of the fashion week I visited the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms where for the day one Edeline Lee & Vielma London presented their SS16 collections. In the first floor of this theatrical space Edeline Lee’s collection made my heart skip a bit! The London-based Lee inspired her SS16 -pastel colored & modern structured-collection by Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park Series and Salgascano’s Serpentine Pavilion. On the other hand, down in the ground floor the Chilean designer Gabriel Velma traveled us mentally with his glam-feminine collection back to the golden age of Las Vegas in the 50s-60s.

ph. Sean Gleason

Edeline Lee, Photo: Sean Gleason

Joe Hart

EdelineLee, Photo: Joe Hart

Joe Hart photo

Photo: Joe Hart


Vielma London, Photo: Joe Hart

vielma london

Vielma London, Photo: Joe Hart


Vielma London

Last highlight of the day was for sure Jean-Pierre Braganza’s improvisation fashion show. The designer’s collection named ‘Whiplash’ celebrated the feminine dignity and magnificence within a deconstructed power dressing and bold Bauhaus-inspired graphic prints. As he asserted ”I will always love powerful women, it’s an ongoing motif in my life.”


Jean-Pierre Braganza


Jean-Pierre Braganza

jpb-getty images

Jean-Pierre Braganza, Photo: Getty Images

With my mood vivid to explore every aspect of LFW despite my schedule was so tight the second day of my fashion travelgram came faster than I expected! HEMYCA London was my first stop. Their SS16 refined and tailored collection consisted of sculptured unique dress silhouettes, sophisticated gridded pencil skirts, inspired by the modernity of surrealist artist John Stezaker.


Hemyca London


Hemyca London

Back again to my favorite Elms Lesters Painting Rooms found myself in an intriguing conversation with the witty Canadian designer Steven Tai on how he inspired his ‘unbirthday-party’ collection from a scene of Alice in Wonderland, where Alice meets the Mad Hatter March Hare and they introduced the idea of ‘unbirthdays’. The sustainable-conscious Steven loves the baby-blue color and he embraces the refreshing comfort silhouettes yet cool tomboyish look that defies mainstream trends.”Oh Steven, I’m your typical kind of nerdy muse”!!!


Steven Tai


Steven Tai


Steven Tai

On the opposite side of Steven’s years of innocence, Three Floor unveiled the exquisite version of an effortlessly cool and feminine silhouette with strong personal contemporary style and eclectic edge. The inspiration has been taken from the muted tones of the dessert and fluidity of the sea.

three floor

Three Floor, Photo: Joe Hart

nick scaife

Three Floor, Photo: Joe Hart

three floor_nick scaife

Three Floor, Photo: Joe Hart

Last but not least in the second day’s presentation at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms I was honoured to attend at the presentation of the talented Greek designer’s Persephoni SS16 ‘Convertible’ collection. Her finest accessories were like moving sculptures made with delicately balanced shapes that move in response to the touch and transform their shape and function. Matte or mirrored stainless surgical steel are combined with organic materials such as soft leather and fur to create otherworldly bags with sleek architectural aesthetic.


Persephoni SS16


Persephoni SS16

Persephoni’s modern elegant collection captivated me so much that I was a little bit late to my last catwalk of the day for Paul Costelloe at the spectacular Hotel Royal. The Irish designer used for his SS16 collection futuristic fabrics with a nod to the 60’s and experimented with neoprene fabrics in bright, bold colors. In a more romantic twist to the collection, Mr. Costelloe highlighted ultra-short lenghts in light delicate jacquards for a dreamy fairy tale ending.


Paul Costelloe

getty images

Paul Costelloe, Photo: Getty Images

paul costelloe

Paul Costelloe, Photo: Getty Images

What’s a better way to spend your Sunday than running to the fashion shows?The biggest surprise of the LFW’s third day came up from the Vinti Andrews at the Vinyl Factory. Vinti Andrews paid homage to Jodie Foster as Iris in Taxi Driver with references from the late 60s and early 70s. The casual patchwork denim transformed into something effortlessly sexy when paired with a sheer pussy bow V neck blouse with tiny embroidered daisies scattered across the surface. It’s this unlikely combination that let the collection occupy a space between the street and the catwalk.


Vinti Andrews


Vinti Andrews

Much appreciated by me, high aesthetics showcased in Georgia Hardinge’s collection which fulfilled the space with a color palette that hinted at the 70s. The ivory, yellow and deep orange brought together with so much creativity and imagination producing magnificent clothes. Georgia inspired by the elements of Zodiac in laser and pleating techniques. The laser details are inspired by old Japanese stenciling to create texture and shadows.


Georgia Hardinge, Photo: Joe Hart

ph.Joe Hart

Georgia Hardinge, Photo: Joe Hart

georgia hardinge

Georgia Hardinge, Photo: Joe Hart

My returning to Athens found me to realise how this diversity of emotions and pictures into the fashion insights urged me seeing the world of fashion with new eyes. When an inspiration impulsed by uniqueness and originality is always beautiful even if it’s not aligned thoroughly with our aesthetics.

Definitely it was one of the most memorable experiences in my life and at this point is important for me to express many thanks especially to the founder of Fashion Workshop Mrs.Vicky Kaya, the administrator of the faculty Mrs. Genevieve Majari and my dearest friend Mr. Spyros Xylas for their full support to take part in this incredible fashion experience!

Let’s go for the next fashion ride!!!