Eleni: live and kicking

The responsibilty of telling whos’s to wear what and when

Having spent an afternoon at “Eleni”, one of the most successful TV shows, we had the chance to capture the essence of live television. It was demanding, in a totally different way than “MadWalk”. We were there to talk about trends and fashion items, references from the past, fashion houses and value-for- money choices. Eleni Menagaki was thrilled. She wanted to know everything.  The most important detail: she was addressed to us as real connaisseurs- not that we are not, but it is wonderful to be treated like that. Watch the video, here and here.

Social media is a great way of learning. Many of you asked about the clothes, the shoes, the combinations. We ‘ll try to answer then all:

Most of the clothes were from H&M, Zara and www.asos.com.
The black knitted dress is H&M, the pants form Zara.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate!

Mando Vlahou
Markos Andriotis