10 Incredible Campaigns for Spring/Summer 2015

Few months back the biggest cities around the world offered hospitality to Fashion Weeks for Spring/Summer collections 2015. However, what did the designers offer through their campaigns?


Text: Sofia Makri

Let’s see what fashion houses presented this season! Creativity, celebrities and fresh ideas are some of the characteristics for this season’s campaigns.


For this imaginative campaign, the Art Director was Stefano Gabbana and the photographer Domenico Dolce. Posing for the designer/photographer were Bianca Balti, Victoria Ceretti, Irina Sharipova, Blanca Padilla, Travis Gannata, Xavier Serrano, Misa Patinsky and the Spanish bullfighter José Maria Manzanares .

fwbvk.D&G (1) fwbvk.D&G (2) fwbvk.D&G (3) fwbvk.D&G (4) fwbvk.D&G(5)

The inspiration overflows clearly to the consumer’s eye. Classy Mediterranean women dressed in Sicilian tradition and Spanish elegance. They’re dancing flamenco and watching the bullfighter winnow his pink cape. But all the attention is drawn to the grandmas with the gold crowns, who carry fashion forward and heavily embellished bags and clutches with fashionable touches.


The house of Dior chose Willy Vanderperre to shoot Natalie Westling, Julia Nobis and Lexi Boling.

fwbvk.Dior (3) fwbvk.Dior (4) fwbvk.Dior(1) fwbvk.Dior(2) fwbvk.Dior(5)

Dior brings everything upside down in this campaign. A minimal white canvas invited the models to lie down. As we can see, the pastel colors dominate the photos but one can’t miss the all time classic black and white combination.


The pictures were shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot. The face of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection is Julia Roberts, but Mica Arganaraz, Alessio Pozzi, Stella Lucia and Imaan Hammam also posed for Alas’ and Piggot’s lens.

fwbvk.givenchy (1) fwbvk.givenchy (2) fwbvk.givenchy (3) fwbvk.givenchy (4) fwbvk.givenchy (5)

The photoshooting for this campaign divided in two parts. The first one, includes Julia Roberts wearing black n white outfit in a studio. On the other hand, the models stand in front of a fashionable motorbike wearing the proper biker chick garments.


The hottest couple of Hollywood, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, are the main faces of Balmain’s campaign. Also, Adriana Lima, Joan Smalls, Rosie Huntington, Crista Cober and Isabeli Fontana, were part of the campaign. The unique pictures belong to Mario Sorrenti.

fwbvk.balmain(1) fwbvk.balmain(2) fwbvk.balmain(3) fwbvk.balmain(4) fwbvk.balmain(5)

This campaign can be easily described as an eye-catchy one. Balmain featuring Kimye and their pictures with a statement-tagline reading, “It is a celebration of love and friendship.”, isn’t it?


The brand picked the 80-year-old writer Joan Didion to be the face of the campaign. Furthermore, Céline collaborated with the dancer-choreographer Marie-Agnès Gillot and the teen model Freya Lawrence and everything was shot by Juergen Teller of course.

fwbvk.celine(1) fwbvk.celine (2) fwbvk.celine (3) fwbvk.celine (4) fwbvk.celine (5)

Joan Didion was photographed in portrait wearing a black dress, a large gold pendant and Céline’s signature oversized sunglasses. The campaign has references of the 60s ,70s and dominate the chic –minimalist style.


For Prada’s men campaign the photos were captured by Graig McDean starring Ansel Elgort, Ethan Hawke, Jack O’ Connell and Mikes Teller.

fwbvk.prada (1) fwbvk.prada (2) fwbvk.prada (3) fwbvk.prada(4)

A Hollywood film or a fashion campaign? Prada picked handsome and charming actors to pose for the Spring/Summer 2015 men’s campaign. A cinematic atmosphere combined with fashion. Ethan Hawke wearing tailored suit and cuts up a picture; Ansel Elgort slices an orange on a casual-chick outfit; Jack O’Connell drinks from a glass, holding a bag and Mikes Teller writing a note on his hand wearing an office suit.


An amazing shooting created by Karl Lagerfeld. The leading girl is the super model Gisele Bündchen.

fwbvk.chanel (1) fwbvk.chanel (2) fwbvk.chanel (3) fwbvk.chanel (4) fwbvk.chanel(5)

Gisele posed for Karl in a black and white backdrop in Paris. The concept wanted her barefoot wearing tweed pantsuits or a metallic jacket. Who else could support those outfits without shoes except Gisele in Chanel?


A campaign that was photographed by Peter Lindbergh, starring Rhys Pickering.

fwbvk.louis vuitton (1) fwbvk.louis vuitton (2) fwbvk.louis vuitton (3) fwbvk.louis vuitton (4) fwbvk.louis vuitton (5)

Louis Vuitton’s menswear campaign was shooted in the city of Jaipur, India. The atmosphere is romantic with dusky shades, while the clothes feature geometric prints and soft lines.


For Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2015 Sasha Pivovarova campaign posed for Steven Klein.

fwbvk.balenciaga (1) fwbvk.balenciaga (2) fwbvk.balenciaga (3) fwbvk.balenciaga (4) fwbvk.balenciaga (5)

One is never enough. Thus, Steven’s Klein lens immortalized two or three figures of Sasha in one picture. Pastel lights and black ‘n’ white apparels make their appearance in this campaign.


The face here is Joni Mitchell. The models of the second part of the campaign are Kiki Willems and Marjan Jonkman. And the Creative Director Hedi Slimane serves as a photographer as well.

fwbvk.saint laurent (1) saint laurent (2) fwbvk.saint laurent (3) (1) fwbvk.saint laurent (4) fwbvk.saint laurent (5) (1)

The trend of giving the core of a campaign to an older woman follows Saint Laurent too. Holding her guitar, the folk icon Joni Mitchell, includes perfectly the seventies glamour that the house represents. The other part of the campaign shows a psych rock look featuring rock and roll vibes.