Braids maids

All you need is a ribbon or some clips

Judging from the 2012 summer runways, braids are the most romantic and sweet trend for hair. You will feel like you’ve seen every possible option of plait but take a look again. Plaits or braids can be interpreted in about a million different ways.

Braids as a headband, french braids, mini-braids interwoven into hair, braids around the crown of the head, unintentionally-messy-braids and decorated-with-anything-you-like-braids. Braids can be incorporated into formal updos as well as casual styles. It’s a perfect style for every day hair.

Don’t forget to adorn your beautiful braid probably with a gorgeous pair of sticks. Most of them could be even pretty with flowers or pearls pinned in. There are hundreds of tutorials on the net that will help you find and perform the perfect hair plaits according to your style. Start braiding!

Christina Zygouri