This must be underwater love

When an artist takes on a project, there are some unofficial rules he should follow. The obvious research is something everyone doesn’t want to be blamed for. But after years and years of unexpected themes, when it comes to designers, what could be next? This summer’s main directional trend is something that doesn’t demand an enormous amount of research. And that’s all the excitement about:
u n d e r w a t e r!

Scuba neoprene totals on gorgeous surfers and mermaids holding their hands. Shines of water stones create digital prints and embellishment textures like the skin of a fish. Taking the level even higher, now the obvious is the new unexpected and everybody seems to know that, from Tisci to Lagerfeld and Pilotto.

And speaking of organic forms, in case you want to buy these metallic XL Paco Rabanne raffles matched with the mask Gaga rocked on MTV EMAs 2011, we have to say: ‘I know a place where you should go’. The Club Lounge is the new eco bar witch opens outside Barcelona. Reflecting the light on your outfit we say you will be right on the spot of the hottest wet trend.

Markos Andriotis

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