After the big fashion names, who else?

The reduction of the predominant names over ruling in the fashion industry has become a fact nowadays.

Text:Sofia Orfanidi

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“I am Anna Wintour and you are nobody”

Ok, you must admit that all the big personas created their own fortunes and made sure to leave a mark into the world of fashion. They’ve become a part of our everyday life, practically ruling everyone who’s anyone. To some of you, they’re your idols and to those who swear to vogue, I promise you you’re not alone! Jeez where do I begin?

Coco Chanel

The French fashion persona, Coco Chanel ruled the world of Fashion and gave her signature beyond the cultural apparel (Chanel No. 5). She is the one listed on Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.

Coco Chanel Collection


Coco Chanel collection, Photographer: Paschal Le Segretain

 Can you say: TOM FORD, or should I say mind-blown? Want me to spell his whole name out? You got the point. This man put the first true luxury brand of the 21st century and placed a priority on delivering the highest quality goods and the greatest standard of service. We all, (I hope), know this man from his lead played at Gucci. “The poor man does what he can,” he is quoted.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford Collection

Ok, if this hasn’t got you going, I know what will; John Galliano. A familiar figure on the streets of Le Marais (an area of Paris popular for its gay communities? did I just say that out?) A quintessential English Rose? Indeed, what we know about this name is a mix of savoir faire, eccentricity and elegance. With the Creative Director Bill Gaytten and his creative team, the JOHN GALLIANO brand electrified the fashion marketplace.

John Galliano

Dior and Galliano,
photographer: Benoit Tessier

Givenchy, Zanotti, Moschino, Yves Saint Laurent. My apologies for leaving some of you out, though rules are rules and even though they’re meant to be broken, I must obey the page length and word count plus, I’m only human! I mean how much more Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent can a girl take? Actually don’t answer that I could go on for days.


Yves Saint Laurent


Fashion designers continue to grow and progress. Though as the technology and the world evolve, it’s time for the less known names, equipped with lots of ideas, creativity and good will, to come and prove what they’re worth, something that won’t be easy considering fashion has it’s own world. In this era, and every fashion week occurring worldwide, we’re constantly discovering new faces and names that are making their way into the cosmos of fashion.


I must say I agree with to a certain extent, that large personalities are essential in fashion. I mean correct me if I’m wrong but the Fashion industry has completely changed and impacted dramatic shifts; over-offering of new brands, harsh rivalry into the marketplace, big conglomerates, rise of vertical fashion retailers, the uncertainty of the business, the digital impact etc. This doesn’t only occur in the case of just the fashion industry. This is happening all over. In this digi world we are coming through, fashion professionals are overwhelmed with the online pop-ups, streaming fashion videos and websites accommodating new fashion-houses.

Anna Wintour

However, fashion is not about dressing Hollywood’s red carpet “it-girls”. Nor is it about the pop culture. No, fashion is first and foremost an art. So, let’s face the facts: the world of art such as, music, architecture, design and fashion aren’t made for countless ‘big names’ or ‘big personalities’. There is not enough space for all, but good professionals are forever welcome, whether they carry a big or small name. And if you know how to handle and do your work properly, you stay alive. Otherwise, you fall and getting back that  fashion is hard, it stands close to impossible. When the vision, talent and creativity meet together, magic will happen.


There are simply too many fashion brands out there today, and open fashion arenas make it even harder for creative people to stand out. It isn’t the big names that always do miracles out there and come through. Nope. Too many veterans have worked off-scene and behind the spotlights and proven themselves to be great at their jobs by delivering outstanding results inside their ateliers.
Into the fashion

I rest assured that the death knell for the fashion marketplace is sounded when people resist and show aversion to risk, fear of daring and indifference to creative genius. This is what we have to be afraid of; the latency; the hibernation of fashion creativity. The fashion is the tangible art that belongs to everyone without exception, big names or no-names.


Besides, challenge is what fashion is made off. I guess, we all have the right to belong in this world. At least, in fashion it’s not the destination, but the journey. Keep this fashion ride and work your way up the ladder and you will be rewarded in the end. That’s for sure.
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