Nike VS Adidas

Sportswear VS Fashion! Why Nike and Adidas enter the Fashion territory by using collaborations with designers?

Text: Sofia Makri

 The two sportswear giants have a new entry in the world of Fashion. Nike recently announced a collaboration with the German designer Johanna F. Schneider, while Adidas has teamed up with the Japanese designer Junichi Abe. And it’s not the first time that the two brands attempt collaborations like that. What is the strategy lying behind and why sportswear brands have been embracing Fashion?

fwbvk.nikevsadidas1Johanna F. Schneider vJunichi Abe

A month ago, Nike came up with the brand’s new capsule collection, named NikeLab JFS by Johanna F. Schneider. On the other hand Adidas revealed an upcoming collaboration with Junichi Abe that will also create a capsule collection of 21 apparel items and two styles of shoes. The two brands developed lines in the past with worldwide designers. Nike has also collaborated with Brazilian Pedro Lourenco, while Adidas has partners such as Stella McCartney, Yohji Yamamoto, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Mary Katrantzou and Jeremy Scott. Both of them are known as the global leading sportswear brands that lead the sports business.

Nike vs Adidas

But now why are they also at the top of the Fashion news? To understand we need to examine the strategy and the tactics which enforce each brand separately.

‘ It is the moment of Sportswear in Fashion’’

Nike as a company cause an innate prestige. The brand specialized to innovation although it focus evenly to the technical and performance, aspects of its sportswear. The company’s roots are active wear and the performance. Nevertheless, the Nike’s president Trevor Edwards realized the consumer’s needs and especially women’s business. Nowadays, women combine the performance segments (like running or training) with style. So, the brand needs to follow the fashion flow and start to collaborate with the fashion businesses. Nike is a company that aligned with athletes but in order to be at the top of the market has to acknowledge that fashion is a precious part of the clothing business.

Johanna F. Schneider for Nike  

The biggest Nike’s competitor, Adidas, shows as a more friendly company to consumers. The brand wants to be more flexible to the market. So, it creates Adidas Original brand that collaborate not only with famous designers but also with celebrities such as Pharell Williams. The Adidas group realized sooner than everyone else that sportswear has to be a key weapon for the people that want to be fashionable through streetstyle. Also, they understand that the Fashion industry is moving faster than before with massive productions. So, if they want to keep happy their consumers they have to follow these rhythms. Additional, Adidas decided that commercials and campaigns integral part of their success. It is a sportswear brand but thing more like a Fashion one.

Junichi Abe for Adidas

Asking me, for the two leading sportswear brands to adopt a Fashion image is the most cleaver movement. For those, a big amount of consumers are the women. So, sportswear have to be fashionable for them. And don’t forget, streetstyle depends on the sportswear.


Nike vs Adidas