The Most Fashionable (Birthday) Parties Ever Held


From famous photographs to musicians, forever icons and the most beautiful models that ever walked the catwalks of fashion, everyone seems to have been on the guestlist of the most fashionable parties ever held.


Text: Elena Vafeiadi


There is always a reason to party, there is always a reason to celebrate. Everyone has a wild party side and our beloved fashion icons never seemed embarassed to show this side. Throughout research we found out that certain guests of New York and London night life party animals were Andy Warhol, Cher, Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Madonna. Of course, every city has its scenesters, and it wouldn’t be a party without them.

fwbvk  elton-john-s-50th-birthday-6-april-1997
 Elton John’s 50th birthday, 6 April 1997


Andy Warhol’s Factory parties seemed to be the hot spot of the 60’s and the 70’s as David Bowie and Mick Jagger joined to have a drink many times. Unforgettable are the birthday parties of Bianca Jagger turning 30 years old on 1977, Kate Moss’s 30th year old celebration and Naomi’s on the 21st of May 1991. Yves Saint Laurent seemed to have the most elegant parties in history of fashion with a guestlist as Diana Vreeland, Halston, Cher and many others, “Opium” party is uncompetable. Diane’s Von Furstenberg wrap dress celebration reminds us of the glamourous parties she always helds like this one in 1978. About a year after everyone was talking about directing’s legend party Woody Allen. Legendary icons like Freddie Mercury and Brooke Shields couldn’t have stayed on the lines of just partying and time proves that even us and so many years after we want to be a part of it. The 1990’s was totally his year and three years before 21st century “knock the door” Elton John turned 50 with an enormous party. He showed up, at now demolished Hammersmith Palais, wearing a 15ft wig and we like to think that his sparkling Louis XIV costume was historically accurated. Years after the huge parties, an opening party for a hotel in London helds a party, inviting the super model Cara Delevigne, Georgia May Jagger, Alexander Wang and many other icons to celebrate the “London Edition”, the new fashion set.

fwbvk bianca-jagger-s-30th-birthday-2-may-1977
Bianca Jagger’s 30th birthday, 2 May 1977

Quickly reviewing the decades there are the grand costume galas of the mid-twentieth century, the wild, glittering parties of 1970s New York, the champagne-glugging glamour-fests of the 80s and 90s, and the  London events that have really hit their stride in the last 10 years. Fashion is a huge party that aims to make people dance on the sound of it.


fwbvk freddie-mercury-s-39th-birthday-party-september-1985
Freddie Mercury’s 39th birthday party, September 1985

fwbvk brooke-shields-21st-birthday-party-31-march-1986
Brooke Shields at her own 21st birthday party, 31 March 1986

fwbvk  london-edition-opening-party-14-september-2013
The London Edition opening party, 2013

fwbvk party-at-andy-warhol-s-factory-circa-1966
At Andy Warhol’s legendary Factory

fwbvk ysl-s-opium-launch-party-20-september-1978
Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium launch party, 20 September 1978

fwbvk  naomi-campbell-s-21st-birthday-22-may-1991
Madonna at Naomi, at Naomi Cambell’s 21st birthday party, 22 May 1991

fwbvk kate-moss-s-30th-birthday-party-16-january-2004
Kate Moss’s 30th birthday party, 16 January 2004

fwbvk  woody-allen-s-new-year-s-eve-party-31-december-1979
Jerry Hall at Woody Allen’s NYE party, 1979


NYE at Studio 54, 1978