verb preoccupy continually or to a troubling extent

Obsessions are involuntary for the realist ones and withering love for the poetic ones. It’s like I am possessed by my own demons also known as obsessions. After all, I just give up on them.

To begin with, I was never enthusiast about concerts (don’t judge me!). Then I heard three words like James, Kasabian and Miles Kane all with a common thing: Ejekt Festival. I’m already there.

Under the melody of this song we keep on obsessing

Lillian Bassmann was an incredible photographer predominantly because her photos are a huge source of inspiration, personally speaking, depicting the motion in a blurry, artistic black n’ white way. Anyway, an allusion is rendered compulsory as long as she died on February 13, 2012 at the age of 94.

The photo I’m staring at all weekend.

• As a rising fashion writer, a Smythson notebook with a make – it – happen motto engraved on its cover is all I need in my life. Until I get it, a Moleskine one is fine too. Did you notice the modesty?

Buy one or two or three here and finally make it happen…

• Inspired by orange and the fantasies of the perfect house, I came up with this farmchair by BEND. Let’s forget “farm”. Let’s keep the “chair” and ideally place it around a wooden dining table amongst other types of chairs. To be continued… Find it here.

• I adore this meeting point, when the blue of the pool coincides with the blue of the sea or “infinity pool”. I would like to be lost in such infinity. The perfect spot for day – dreaming. All time classic. (Absolutely not!)

• Last but not least, this pair of silk, LOVER shorts with lace trimming are flirting so badly with me, I can’t resist. So plain, so beautiful, so stay tuned until next Monday!


 Evmorfia Savvaidi