Vicky’s Notes: Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award 2014

Text: Vicky Kaya

We first heard about the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award through a couple of friends, who encouraged us to participate. Founded in 2012, the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award (HEA) has been established as an annual award. Each year the Panel of Judges provide up to five awards to new business ideas that demonstrate the best in Greek entrepreneurship. The prizes give those businesses what they need to get started – a range of support services including the provision of an expert mentor plus straightforward funding with no charges, no interest and no complexity.

The Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award is funded and administered by the Libra Group on behalf of The Hellenic Initiative. The Libra Group has committed more than €7 million to the award. HEA offers Greece-based entrepreneurs the chance to receive free consulting and support plus up to €700,000 each year of funding to support a new business venture. This year, the HEA experienced a 67% increase in submitted business ideas. 1047 people registered on the Award’s website resulting in 488 submitted business plans. On 31 May 2014 four Greek businesses were announced as Winners of the second Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award.

The idea we applied for the Hellenic Award is ‘VK’. Being a model and an entrepreneur, I’m ready to capitalise on my 20 years’ experience, working with the world’s leading designers with my own designer label, ‘VK’. The concept is to internationalise Greek fashion, by creating a high-end brand powered by young, up-and-coming Greek fashion designers. Also, our goal is to collaborate with Greek renowned designers and Greek fashion brands and export Greek fashion abroad. VK will be the commercial vehicle through which hitherto unseen talent can get the recognition it deserves.

Truth be told we never expected we would make it to the 10 finalists! And I can’t express my joy, appreciation and excitement when I found out!

Here is the video of our proposal:


We weren’t selected among the four winners, but we feel extremely lucky and blessed for making it this far! We wish the four winners (Anassa Organics, E-Satisfaction, Open Circle, RTSafe) all the best in their new business ventures and we hope that more businesses will submit their dreams and ideas in the future!

After all this wonderful experience we’re sure that there is a substance to our idea  and we will make anything possible for VK to come alive soon. All you aspiring deisgners and fashion-forward minds stay tuned for an amazing ride!

I would like to congratulate Mr. Jimmy Athanasopoulos and the whole team of the Hellenic Award for giving us the opportunity to present our idea and helping us come this far!!

Till next week



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Being awarded as a finalist on the stage of the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award at Grand Bretagne with Mirella Alexou

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