Vicky’s Notes: Blake Mycoskie of TOMS at Fashion Workshop


Today Vicky’s Notes won’t be hosted by me but by my dear student Maria-Cecile. She will tell you all about her experience with Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS shoes, that visited Fashion Workshop yesterday making us all extremely happy!! Enjoy..


Text: Maria-Cecile Inglesi

On Tuesday we welcomed the creator of TOMS shoes Blake Mycoskie at Fashion Workshop! With the help of our teacher and journalist Mia Kollia and of course the questions of our Workshopoholics we talked about everything, entrepreneurship, philanthropy even philosophy. Blake Mycoskie told us how he envisioned to create TOMS shoes, how he started charity and what sustainability means to him.

The ”One to One” idea aims to when they sell a pair they give a pair, so the customers can have the joy of knowing that they helped a child. Now the company counts 15,000,000 children with shoes but they don’t stop here. The second step was the eyewear line, where the profits goes to those with vision problems all over the world, like India, Guatemala, TibetĀ  and many more.

But Blake can’t stop here and now a new project is on with their slogan “Coffee for you, water for all”. They invest back into the communities the coffee comes from, so they can have clean water.

So we would like to thank Blake Mycoskie for the time he spend with us and for the huge work he does towards community.

Thank you very much Blake!


blake in FWbVK (2) blake in FWbVK (3)
Blake Mycoskie, Mia Kollia

blake in FWbVK (4) blake in FWbVK (5)
Blake Mycoskie, Vicky Kaya

blake in FWbVK (6) blake in FWbVK (8) blake in FWbVK (9)
Customized macarons and cookies by Fresh Pastry Shops

blake in FWbVK (11) blake in FWbVK (12) Desktop22 blake in FWbVK (7)
Blake Mycoskie earlier that day on the set of ”To Proino” show on ANT1 TV, alongside Vicky

toms blake fw



Till next week!

Hugs & Kisses