The Art of ‘Beauty’

Text: Marilou Theodoridou


Art is alive and immortal. But is it possible to “bring the art to life”? In this short video entitled ‘Beauty’, animator and filmmaker Rino Stefano Tagliafierro, who found inspiration in famous classical paintings, proves that it most certainly can.

Beauty is something that one can admire – just like art and nature… The resulting project, Beauty, is a journey through the human life cycle from beginning to end. The possibility that these images could be beautiful at the same time as jarring simply through adding motion is something that Tagliafierro was conscious of when he began the project. “I’ve always found the idea to move a frozen image interesting,” he clarified. “The movements are suspended in a distant time, or appear to come from the imagination of the viewer.”

Figures, frozen in time, are reimagined as unfixed landscapes with animated faces and movement. Indeed, when digital manipulation an art co-operate the result

is one of perfection.



The Beauty Manifesto