Simone Rocha SS12

A girl with interest in fashion has some basic desires: a LΘVE Cartier bracelet and to be photographed by Tommy Tom. For the first one, a big wallet or a rich husband is required. But for the second one, much more is needed, including a Simone Rocha outfit. If I made a ‘how to’ column and my concept was to find ways to attract Tommy’s eyes, my first choice would be a Simone Rocha brogues with perspex wedge, matched with the transparent sleeves of a white goat fur blazer.

Year after year, Rocha made a fashion brand highly appreciated by fashionistas and Gaga herself, counting already a cheaper line for Topshop. Fashion marketers say that when you make a contract for approachable versions of your clothes, you have made something right. And, oh, she did! Mint organza cuffs combined with tailored layerings of white transparent officewear, creating an army of models walking down the catwalk looking like the perfect fashion assistant. A sense of athletic mood makes me subscribe to the nearest gym and all I hope for is that my abs will look great in these shirts. Now I see the reason Rocha chose all these edgy cuts after all.

Markos Andriotis