ART: Meet Joel Morrinson

When steel-surrealism met pop art

Text: Yannis Chatzimichalis

American born sculptor Joel Morrison is the new It in the fields of art, taking the “Koons” aesthetic to a whole new level with his surrealistic representations of what’s ordinary and beyond.

Using stainless steel in it’s natural shinning hue, he reinterprets objects through un-reality, therefore merging the art of pop with that of surrealism. Characterized as something “between high and low, minimalism and abstraction, order and chaos”  his work is admired and set apart for being overtly detailed while not too sophisticated in a “by the book” way.


”A raw reality that remains supple by being lubricated or oiled with a kind of sarcasm.” – Franz West, defunct artist.



Almine Rech Gallery in Paris devoted its space to some of Morrison’s most significant assemblages, an exhibition that concludes in a few days (February the 5th), and was for sure a shoutout for the artist’s work and esprit.



Credits: Courtesy of the artist and Almine Rech Gallery