The amazing Alexander McQueen Campaign

When Peeping Tom met McQueen-wearing Kate Moss, Klein things happened. 

Text: Leonidas Liolios


Take my all-time-favorite photographer/director, Steven Klein, the house of Alexander McQueen, an almost unrecognisable Kate Moss and 60s cult thriller “Peeping Tom” by Michael Powell, chew them up and what you’ll get is a spring/summer ’14 campaign worth all the Oscars, ASVOFF and CFDA awards available.


Color wise the mood is “Super Linda” (W’s notoriously genius editorial photographed by Steven Klein, starring Linda Evangelista). For the story you have Steven Klein himself as peeping Tom, peeping on to-die-for Kate Moss and her fluorescent yellow bob as she takes him upstairs, selling the shoes and bag in the meantime. The rest layers of crocodile leather, she loses while stripping to the camera, which according to the old-time-classic movie’s story, was used by peeping Tom to record his victims’ reactions when killing them.


Creepy or not, from the voodoo doll to the distorted televisions and wet streets, filmed and advertised this way, everything speaks lust and desire and you can’t help but fall for it all the way.