Men’s Fashion Week Recap

A GIF journey through fall 2014’s hottest menswear defiles.

Text: Leonidas Liolios


The overall moodiness of our times is communicated through layers and layers of pinstripe tweeds and warm fur in a manifesto of grayscale and deconstruction. Designers invest in the sense of cut, blur the lines of gender distinction, while keeping some core elements of masculine “superiority”. Adding to that you have some Pollock color blocking and spilling, charming pinks and Spalding basket balls, Crusadors and Knights and of course animal kingdom’s very best. From London to Pitti Uomo, Milan, Paris and back, menswear is the new couture, and all eyes are fixed on the sex that James Brown sang “This is a man’s world” for. Enjoy.

Alexander McQueen

Damir Doma

Bobby Abley

Alan Taylor

Thom Browne


Rick Owens

Raf Simons




Dolce & Gabbana


Comme Des Garcons

Alexander Wang


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