You’ve been Swooshed

The Nike invasion, by Davide Bedoni. 

Text: Leonidas Liolios

It took an award-winning director, a doze of genius and a dozen of famous 18th and 19th century paintings for the next big thing of non-advertisement advertising to emerge. The Swoosh logo of sportswear megabrand Nike (designed in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson) was used by Italian fashion-director, Davide Bedoni, in a mush-up of art and consumerism* aka the two components of fashion.

When he is not directing various fashion films for houses like Gucci and Furla, Bedoni has an inclination for digital art-making. Results of his hobby are later on posted on his tumblr named Swoosh Art or even seen printed on the streets from Poles to billboards.

Using 18th – 19th century paintings, adding the swoosh and Nike’s “JUST DO IT” signal, Bedoni ironically asks his viewers to just do what they have to do in order to get instead of a hot, Nike body, a rather hot and luxuriant lifestyle, like the one of the depicted. Needless to say the images went viral and it’d hardly be a surprise if the artist and brand teamed up for real sooner than soon.

photos © Davide Bedoni