What happened to Louis Vuitton’s Installation in Moscow after all?

A giant LV suitcase caused some serious provoking in the Red Square.

Text: Avra Charitou


Again in the frontline of worldwide media comes the name of Louis Vuitton after the ungodly departure of Marc Jacobs. This time the French maison created a 30-foot-tall trunk to honor and celebrate its history and put it -literally- in the centre of Moscow.

The enormous two-story project with the LV trademark and the Russian flag was created for the charitable exhibition ”L’âme du voyage” (2/12-19/1), in association with Russian department store Gum. The exhibition consisted of 25 celebrities, who have travelled with luggage from the luxury house, and would take place in the most historical location of Moscow, the Red Square, just a few steps from Vladimir Lenin’s grave.

Although the ”sacred” place has been used before for similar events, many Muscovites overreacted in the sight of this temporary pavilion while the Russian government asked to remove the suitcase as it contraries advertising laws and snubbed national symbols.

However, the French label announced that the tremendous trunk once belonged to Prince Wlandimir Orloff, that’s why it carries his monogrammed initials. A Louis Vuitton spokeswoman finally made an announcement, explaining that the house highly respects the history of the country and the importance of the Red Square. She also pointed out that this exhibition is dedicated to a longstanding friendship with Russia and for that matter, will be an exposed historical piece which belongs to Romanovs but also, in other important Russian figures.

Sadly, after being the subject of a long debate and post numerous reactions caused, the exhibition will be transferred to another location and the profit from ticket sales will be donated to Naked Heart Foundation, an institution for children, whose founder is the Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova, as originally planned.

Despite the unglorious ending of the story, one thing is certain: Louis Vuitton keeps on accomplishing great achievements, while writting new chapters in the history of the Paris-based house.