A Question Worth an ASVOFF Award

Text: Leonidas Liolios


A shaded View on fashion film is a festival celebrating fashion oriented video art, organized by style maven Diane Pernet. Run by a specially formed committee, the competitive part of the festival is meant to award the best of the best. Such was Zillions. An ironic documentary about fashion for fashion and its people.


In a short documentary of 3:01 minutes Malcolm Venville implies the frenetic nature of the business in terms of expectations and speed. While traveling to St. Moritz in order to interview kaiser of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld on his newest exhibition, he gets informed that the interview’s runtime time is being cut shorter and shorter to a point he can only pose one single question.


“Is there one greatest influence on you?” asks Venville.
K.L: “Zillions”.
Watch the award winning video: ZILLIONS BY MALCOLM VENVILLE