Mario Testino for Vogue China’s 100th Issue

Celebrating its 100th issue, Mario Testino produces a selection of 153 photographs celebrating Chinese beauty and trends, for the December 2013 Vogue China Special issue.

Text: Katerina Papapostolou


It took a meeting with Vogue China’s editor Angelica Cheung and only one week for Mario Testino, to capture all that China-based shoots with an all-Chinese cast of models.

Testino, in an attempt to show all the elements from the culture of that ancient civilization that fascinates him, created a mix of the past, the present and the future of China.

The cover story’s star is no other than the famous actress Shu Qi, dressed in a black coat by Dior in a very 50’s Audrey Hepburn style. Testino gave the Chinese woman another dimension photographing a model with an alligator as a pet and giving the models an elegant European styling at various locations around Chinese landmarks.

Cheung says that Testino is one of the few non-Chinese photographers that manages understand so well how to capture modern fashion and beauty in China showing it as something really normal and not exotic and strange to the audience. Through his shots he manages to communicate to the crowd the Chinese makeup techniques and the bold patterns through a very fresh and modern way.

“China is a country that is growing and finding its path as it goes along,” said Testino. “I am curious how it will carry on developing and changing, especially with young Chinese people growing up in a more open environment than what it used to be.”

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