Chanel resort 2013

Live fast, die young: bad girls do it well

“Frivolity is a healthy attitude. I know people who were saved by frivolity” Karl Lagerfeld.

“Versailles in a Socialist France” summarized Karl Lagerfeld when it came to a commentary about Chanel’s Resort 2013 collection. Eighteenth – century details found their contemporary way, implemented in fabrics like denim and chambray, while the quintessential Chanel-ish poise came throughout the silhouettes.

What’s more? That huge hint of British youth culture; metallic creepers, which reminded me the Teddy Boys of the 1950s, the lyrics of MIA’s song “Bad Girls” that models strolled on its tempo. Oh yes, the models; Cara Delevingne opened, Georgia May Jagger made a strong appearance and Alice Dellal’s band, Thrush Metal, performed later in the evening.

Last but not least, a velvet Chanel logo was placed on model’s cheekbones and under the eye, Dutch boy bobs were attached in different pastel colors to bow – tied ponytails and pink was the make – up motto. After all, Louis XVI would be happy. No?

Evmorfia Savvaidi