Who is Diane Pernet?

 The visionairy behind A Shaded View On Fashion Film.

Text: Leonidas Liolios

The always dressed in black, inspiring personna Diane Pernet is the ultimate guardian of fashion through the majesty of video art. A true pioneer of fashion en ligne who has more than rightfully earned the respect of the industry for being utterly innovative through her own shaded view.

 Portrait of Diane Pernet by Miguel Villalobos


After taking cinematography classes and having worked as a reportage photographer Pernet felt like moving on. It was her boyfriend back in the 80s that ecnouraged her to do something obvious. Something that would mark the rest of her life. Fashion. Since then she has worked as a fashion and costume designer, as an editor for elle.comvogue.fr and women’s fashion editor for Joyce magazine. In 2005 she created her blog, an inspiring webspace promoting contemporary talent from all over the world. Its name A Shaded View On Fashion. Three years later a fashion film festival after her blog’s name was created and the celebration of fashion through video was laucnhed.


A few days ago, Filep Motwary in collaboration with Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya brought Fashion On Screen in Athens, along with a selection of mini films by Diane Pernet herself. The 30-minute montage of winning films from ASVOFF was not to be missed, and left us jaw-dropped.


 Portrait by Miguel Villalobos