Behind the Scenes: Chanel Ad Campaign

Karl Lagerfeld shares with us the behind-the-scenes shots of the campaign for Fall/Winter 2013-14.

Text: Katerina Papapostolou


The fashion show for Fall-Winter 2013 2014 was totally breathtaking with the grandiose globe standing at the center of the stage. So the campaign for the Chanel ready-to-wear collection couldn’t be anything less than imaginative and stunning.

From gravity-defying furniture and flying tea sets, to “floating” emblematic Chanel handbags and graphic eye make-up all are carefully combined by Karl Lagerfeld to compose an extraterrestrial background.

Straight cut hairstyles, helmet-like silk hoods adorned with a bow or the iconic camellia of the fashion house and high to thigh leathers stockings teamed with chain-adorned boots are some of the highlighted points of this campaign

This fashion phenomenon Karl Lagerfeld is a costume designer, an illustrator, a director and a photographer who creates such unique campaigns as his remarkable fashion shows. So enjoy the pictures below of the making of the campaign and the completed, final video.


See the Chanel Fall-Winter 2013 2014 complete campaign here.