Christian Louboutin’s 5 Shades of Nude

Monsieur Louboutin designs a collection of five shades of nude shoes to match all skin tones.

Text: Katerina Papapostolou


The French shoe maker, always a step ahead, creates a really innovative collection of five shades of leg-lengthening nude shoes. In an attempt to satisfy every woman searching for the perfect nude pump that elongates her legs, he designs a range of  five classic re-imagined Louboutin shapes: the Pigalle, Fifi, Simple Pump, Flo and Vendome, each of them in hues ranging from fair blush to reach chestnut.

The shoemaker wanting to help the client to find which shade suits woman’s skin tone best introduced a free iPhone and iPad app called Louboutin Shades. This simple app allows the user to take a photo of their foot and then find the matching shade of nude to their skin tone. “The shoes are there to give the woman an extra lift, not to take attention away from the legs and what she is wearing,” said Mr Louboutin. “They disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of her legs, as in a sketch, elongating the silhouette,” he added.

Some shapes such as the Fifi, a round-toe court and the Flo, peep toes, are already in the brand’s Mount Street store in London, whereas all of them will be available online soon.