Giambattista Valli introduces his first book

This luxe tome “Giambattista Valli” published by Rizzoli, entering the designer’s sculptural and romantic fashion world.

Text: Katerina Papapostolou


In 2005 Giambattista Valli the Roman designer with the Parisian aesthetics surprised the fashion crowd with the sense of fragility in his dresses. A designer for whom fashion is all about shapes and structures creates garments meticulously detailed and luxuriously crafted. “The silhouette is what people remember, what leaves an impression: everything else is just decoration, easily forgotten,” Giambattista Valli wrote.

This beautiful volume offers the readers the opportunity to accompany the designer on his creative and imaginative journey. Featuring a series of drawings, designing details and textures the book explores the designer’s immaculate craftsmanship. Backstage runway photos, jewelry details, predominant colors are some of the contents of this book. Art pieces, celebrities, flowers, beauty. These are some of his inspirational sources and obsessions.

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