MEET THE ARTIST: Christina Ioannidou

Her one-of-a-kind masks are the new obsession of fashion editors worldwide.

Text: Yiota Dendrinou


Since last September, we have seen her creations on the pages of Vogue Hommes International styled impeccably by Panos Yiapanis, on the fashion editorial “Assembly Required” by BULLETT magazine and through her blog, we even got the change to catch a glimpse of the upcoming 6th issue of Pigeons & Peacocks, where her pieces “Cosmic” and “Rammellzee” will be included.

The new collection by the jewellery and accessories designer, Christina Ioannidou, is titled “Prosopon” and consists of 5 masks. The main materials, which she used for the collection, are fur, metal and natural leather. Each one of the masks is inspired by a different muse, bearing names such as “Tohunga”, “Vanda”, “Koze”, “Rammellzee” and “Cosmic”.

The designer, who is based in London, is influenced mainly from different tribes and cultures from all over the world. Her work is distinguished by the juxtaposition of different materials, as well as the use of bold colours. You can have a closer look in this video, which is from her participation in “Rough Cuts”, a special showcase that took place in Darkroom Store in London.




“I prefer to be spontaneous, so as to make sure that the piece that I would create, will be ‘mine’ and express myself 100%”. The question is what will be the inspiration for her next collection? The future will tell.

Prosopon Collection 

BULLETT magazine 

Tohunga Photoshoot 

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