Kate Moss is now a fashion editor!

After posing 33 times for the cover of Vogue UK, the top-model decided to settle-in the offices this time round.


Text: Leonidas Liolios


It’s only eventual for someone who literally grew up in the industry to have creative concerns that overpass the boundaries of modeling. Kate Moss, the 39-year-old goddess is currently moving backstage, this time not as a model that has her hair and make-up done, but as a contributing fashion editor who will in fact select herself both the photographers and models she wants to work with. That, for her new position in Vogue UK, a magazine that has had the blond top-model no less than 33 times on its cover, with her first ever taking place back in 1993.



And while Alexandra Shulman, editor-in-chief of the British version of the so called “fashion bible” declares more than excited for this collaboration, it’s only normal (and even more unfair) for people to question Moss’s abilities outside her safe-zone, that of modeling. This industry has a thing for labels, it’s true. If you are known for something, that’s what you’re supposed to be known for all-life-long. But then again you have examples such as the uber talented Giovanna Battaglia and godlike Grace Goddington, who not only ruled the lenses but did twice that good behind them (not to mention Moss’s rival, Naomi Campbell who joined two editions of Interview Magazine). And who can deny the business genius, Tyra Banks or our very own Vicky Kaya who have both took a profitable turn in the business side of fashion.
Besides, Kate Moss has been apart from the ultimate fashion icon of the 90s, a guest designer for topshop (soon to happen again), stating that she is indeed fashion aware early on. Her work for Vogue UK is due to be first seen in the pages of the spring issues of the magazine and no matter the pressure and expectation, I’m sure she’ll do great. Because if you are molded in fashion, what’s stopping you from creating some of your own?
Take a look at some of Kate Moss’s covers for Vogue UK..