The power of 3; LOW CLASSIC

You might wonder..what’s Low Classic? Who owns this brand? Where does it comes from?

Text: Xanthippe Partsakoulaki


It all started in 2008 when Lee Myeong Sin, Hwang Hyun Ji and Park Sin Jun graduated from the University of Konkuk with a degree in Apparel Design. All of them coming from a different backgrounds as fashion buyers, editors and designers. For example, Lee Myeong Sin took part as creative designer in Project Runway Korea. Hwang Hyun Ji has a career as a Buying MD and Park Sin Jun is an assistant to the fashion editor of Arena Homme Korea.

In 2009 they joined forces and created a brand called, Low Classic. A fresh brand from Seoul inspired from youth and Korean fashion. The purpose of those three young designers is to create clothes that will appeal to everyone. Minimal and androgynous at the same time, are some of the words to describe their style. Also comfortable and chic with artistic details on the garments. Furthermore, apart from the online shop on their website you can also find Low Classic shops in Korea and in selected shops in the USA, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

As a “freshman” in fashion industry it seems that they have been quite popular since the begging. Vogue girl, Ceci, Maps, Fast, Urbanlike and This Is Paper magazines have included their designs in editorials. In addition, the world of blogging shows its love about brand by sharing their creations through pictures and videos. A promising brand that has much to give.

Spring/Summer 2014 (pictures taken by Seung Lee)
Chic and androgynous. Austere with clean cuts. Pastels blended with black and white and with a touch of floral prints!

Spring/Summer 2013
Pure and minimal combined with clean cut outs and fine logos. All over stripes, denim and lace details.

Autumn/Winter 2012
Casual chic, modern and youthful. Funky prints and silver details. Bold and feminine!

Autumn/Winter 2011
Earthy colors give a warm feeling. Oversized woolen jumpers, cardigans, blazers and maxi dresses. Comfortable clothes for every occasion.