Louis Vuitton Spring 2014

Marc Jacobs fades to black…And now what?

Text: Maria Cecile Inglesi


From the first sight, you knew. After a dazzling 16-year run during which he orchestrated the transformation of the leather-goods giant from a stodgy luggage house to a global fashion presence, Marc Jacobs acquired the reputation among others, for staging the most exciting and extravagant shows in Paris. In recent years he has commissioned an elaborate carousel, an iron-framed elevator, a Pop Art escalator, a full functioning train and last fall, an entire floor of a “hotel,” its doors opens and hotel “guests” apparently unaware the voyeuristic eyes of the audience. This show was an elegiac swan song, dedicated to the women who inspire him and “the showgirl in every one of them”, done solely in black with the occasional piece of denim worn under tulle tank dresses and heavily embellished biker jackets. All the forty-one looks were elaborately trimmed with combinations of beads, crystals, and feathers and all of the models wore an extravagant Stephen Jones-designed headpiece of ostrich plumes. Edie Campbell hit the runway with her naked body covered in Stephen Sprouse famous LV logo and bound in chains. While Jacobs’s next steps are still unclear although it’s said that he will focus on his own company, he leaves the house on a dramatic high note and quite literally a standing ovation from the fashion crowd.

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Photos via style.com