V for Vogue (IT)

The Italian dream came true and it seems like Vogue.it is calling our names…

History of Costume time and all of a sudden Cesare Cunaccia enters the class. Everybody were speechless. We were just listening to him talking about his excitement for our African projects. That was more than enough to make us be really proud, considering the fact that he works for Italian Vogue, and that was all. Surprisignly, a few days later we realised that the dream had just begun. An article of Cunaccia in Vogue.it about Fashion Workshop, Vicky Kaya and the importance of creativity during economic and social crisis including some of the students photoshoots. The project was “Africa” and it was very close to Vogue Italia’s current focus about economic growth through fashion in the African continent. Self confidence is quite high and we’re ready for more!

Thank you Cesare Cunaccia!

You can see the article here